Choosing the Right Fan

Fan Size

The Motor

The heart of every ceiling fan is the motor, which ultimately determines how your fan will operate. Air movement is a critical combination of motor size, blade pitch, and component materials. Try before you buy, there is a difference!
  • Motor 153 MM
  • Airflow Good
  • Motor 172 MM
  • Airflow Very Good
  • Motor 188 MM
  • Airflow Excellent
  • High Stack
  • Airflow Very Good/Quietest

Emerson K55XL Airflow Excellent

  • Cast aluminum end shields provide superior heat dissipation
  • Over 2200 feet of quality copper wiring for optimal performance and longevity
  • Thick motor laminations maximize torque at high speeds

Introducing The Emerson EcoMotor

  • Up to 75% more efficient than typical ceiling fan motors
  • High quality motor construction
  • 6 speeds with reverse technology

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